Lakawon Hangover

Thank you to our bosses for giving us some time off after three tiring days in Negros. After the successful inaugurations of our solar power plants in Bais City, La Carlota City and Manapla, we were priviledged enough to visit Lakawon Island in Barangay Viejo in Cadiz.


Cadiz City is an hour and a half bus ride from the north bus terminal in Bacolod City. One way ticket costs Php 95 and the trip will take you through the beautiful towns of Silay, Talisay, Victorias and then Manapla. The bus left the terminal at 9:30AM and reached Cadiz by 10:45AM. It took another 15-20 minute ride past scenic sugarcane plantations and rice fields before we got to the port.

At the port, we met Manang Bibing who gladly ushered us to the boat going to the island. Special thanks to one of our bosses for making the special arrangements. 🙂
From the boat, we can already see how beautiful Lakawon island is. The water is crystal clear and the sand is so fine it tickles your toes. We were in the private part of the island so we literally had it all to ourselves. There’s a mini sandbar at the tip where we can see Panay Island in the background, as well as the vastness of the open sea. Just being in the island and seeing its beauty makes you just exclaim, ‘Ang ganda sa Pilipinas!’.
The island is not yet well developed but on the other side of the island there are a few cottages that can already be rented out during the day. Food is also already available in the island. The lychee shake was the best though because it was really really hot.
Out of 7,107 islands, who would’ve thought that there’s a tiny one in beautiful Negros island? We’ve only known of the most famous beaches in the Philippines, but isn’t it amazing that there are a few of these in provinces you never thought would have one? Ang ganda eh. Sobrang ganda!
We literally just laid in the sand for hours until we had to go back to the mainland at 3:00PM. It was a wrong idea though because the waves were already mad and it felt like we were already surfing but nevertheless it was so much fun!
After the boat ride, we went ahead to the terminal to wait for the bus heading to Bacolod. I love free days. Thank God we got to enjoy one in one of my favorite places: Negros 🙂
See you again in October…Masskara Festival!

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