I haven’t slept much this weekend. I’m afraid I might miss too much of my birthday so I decided to spend it wide awake, aware of every single good thing that has been happening. I’ve never been one to express my feelings personally because I prefer to always write it down. I feel so overwhelmed and so happy that earlier today at 5am, I was just looking at pictures, and was just wide-eyed. I can’t help but say thank you, and tear up a little bit. I really am a cry-baby when I’m alone. It’s been a great year, where I came from my saddest to my happiest. My heart is filled with so much emotions and I don’t know if I can even handle it right now but I’m handling it the best way I could. Thank you so so so so much for a great weekend, and a wonderful year. It’s been a year of answered prayers, and I know that You will continue to answer my prayers because I believe. I know You will make people stay when they should, You will give me problems because I can handle it and You will offer me the best that this life can give.


Maraming salamat.

To everyone, cheesy as it may seem, but I just had the most wonderful birthday ever. Thank you for allowing me to spend it with you, and for making me feel special.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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