When Will I Meet You?

I know that you’re out there and it wouldn’t be long enough until I finally meet you.
I know you’re also waiting, and praying.
I know you’re working hard on yourself, to be the best version you can be, for you and me.
I know it’s taking a bit of time, but I am patient, we both are.
Eventually, we will meet and it’ll be like magic.
Maybe right now, life is hard for the both of us and God is still working on us.
Maybe right now, our hearts are not yet ready.
Maybe right now, we still haven’t discovered much about ourselves.
Maybe right now, we have not loved ourselves enough.
Maybe right now, we are contented where we are.
So ย until then, I will wait.
I know you will be worth it.
You’re my missing puzzle piece.
My other half, the only one my heart will love.
When we finally meet, I know that we can compensate for the time we weren’t together.
When we finally meet, I know that there’s nothing that can stop us.
Until then, please take care of yourself.
Please don’t get sick. Sleep early if you can, drink if you must and dream while it’s possible.
Until then, I can promise you that I will be here. I will wait for you. I will pray for you.
When we finally meet, I will like you and I will love you.
I will support you.
I will fight for you.
I will stay.
When will I meet you?
The next day?
In the future. You and Me.

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