Because Boholanasibatman! : Photo Diary

So much has happened the past months that I’ve forgotten to write about happy things. I’m so tired lately and so pressured because of my feelings, graduate school and work! What have I gotten myself into? Ha.Ha.
Anyway, because so much is still happening, I don’t have the time anymore to travel as spontaneously as I could before. Oh how I miss airplane rides, boating trips and the occasional habal-habal. It’s been a while and because I can’t travel yet until February, I’m going to tell you about why I miss Bohol so much.
Welcome to, #BiyaheniCali!
My friends and I made sure Cali felt comfortable during this trip because most of the time, hindi. Haha!
I’ve considered Bohol as one of my happy places ever since our week-long stay a year ago. It’s so incredibly beautiful and so peaceful that I’d consider living there. Not only Bohol though because I loved Iloilo and Guimaras first! Haha. I love the Visayas. I’d say yes everytime there’s a chance to go back to all the islands!
My travel group went for a really laid-back vacation this time, as opposed to what we did last year during the great BIGDOS trip. We stayed at the very cozy Momo hotel in Panglao island. As a fan of everything hipster, Momo was a clear winner for me. They have the perfect ambiance for the perfect relaxed trip you are looking forward to. Not only was the ambiance perfect, but because we had the hotel all to ourselves, it was in-cre-di-ble! Plus the staff were really friendly, so there was nothing you could ask for really. They even cooked pansit canton, boiled eggs and made sardines look like first class food! And this was cause we were scrimping on buying expensive food! Haha. Our best hotel stay so far.
IMG_7623 IMG_7548
Since we landed in Cebu, we had to take a roughly 2-hour ferry to Bohol. We did the usual countryside tour on our first day – visiting the Chocolate Hills and riding the ATV around it, biking at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park and taking pictures with the really shy tarsiers at the Tarsier Sanctuary.
IMG_7408 IMG_7649 IMG_7663 IMG_7485
We also went island hopping to the beautiful islands surrounding Panglao. We chased pawikans and sea cucumbers in Balicasag Island, ate yummy turon in Virgin Island, and notably, got stuck in the middle of the ocean waiting for dolphins.
IMG_7602 IMG_7562
Check out this funny video of my friend Mark holding a sea cucumber!
After our activities, we just stayed in the hotel (since we had it all to ourselves). As usual, we shared a lot of college stories (that never get old) as well as new catching up stories. We also celebrated Cali’s birthday by giving him this very beautiful ‘cupcake’ cake.
IMG_7551 IMG_7607
Our trip was bitin as usual. For a working student like me, three days of vacation won’t ever be enough to actually rest. But all is good since the three days in Bohol were spent productively.
Right now, all I can think about is my next trip out of this busy Manila streets. But I can’t do it just yet. Here’s to hoping I pass this sem with flying colors!
I can’t wait for February! Iloilo, here I come….again.

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