Wandering in Mt. Daraitan: A Photo Diary

I’ve never been to any of the mountains of the Sierra Madre ever, much so, to the deepest part of Rizal, Tanay, which is already near the border of Quezon province. The mountains of the Sierra Madre are the closest in terms of proximity from Metro Manila, perfect for adventurers who would like a quick adventure to escape the bustling metropolitan jungle.

For this weekend, I joined Corina, Mikee and Kuya Allan in Mt. Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal. From our place in Quezon City, it took us two hours to get to Barangay Daraitan, travelling through the uphill and downhill mountains and through rocky roads that lead us to the Barangay Hall of Daraitan where we registered to visit Tinipak Falls.

Environmental Fee: Php 20
Tour Guide: Php 500


The four of us were handled by Kuya Andres, our friendly tour guide (and a great photographer too!) who explained that from the village center, it would take us around one and a half hour to get to the falls. The hike going there was fairly easy, with us walking through rock formations — which are so beautiful — and crossing rivers.


Alternatively, if you’d rather hike up the summit, Kuya Andres mentioned that it would take you two (if you’re a fast one) to three hours (if you’re a fair hiker) to get there. You’ll get rewarding views up the top, but either way, there are also rewarding views on the way to the Tinipak Falls, a highlight of a Daraitan adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

IMG_6757 IMG_6764

Kuya Andres also mentioned that hiking in Mt. Daraitan is fairly new, with tourism in the area at just about three years old. This means that the Sierra Madre mountain range is quite unexplored as of the moment. The Tinipak Falls, he even said, was discovered by him and some other guides who live in the area.

IMG_6814 IMG_6824 IMG_6850

At first, I thought the Tinipak Falls was actually a “falls”, the typical one coming from the mountains. But to get there, we had to do a little bit of caving/spelunking, which is so much fun! I could compare it to the Ugong Rock adventure in Palawan, but this one is fairly easy. One hundred meters from the cave entrance, we were rewarded by the rush of the super cold water of Tinipak Falls. Although I didn’t get to swim, my friends said that it was a winner. Well, it totally was!

IMG_6887 IMG_6924

Going back to the village center after all the walking and the sweat from the heat was the major challenge of this adventure. Kuya Andres took us to a different route for us to see the route we took on earlier.IMG_6938

After eating super heavy lunch at the carinderia near the village center, we freshened up and made our way back to Quezon City. It was a fun adventure today! It was a welcome respite from the bad vibes I got yesterday. The gift of nature and adventure will always win me over. Plus singkamas boy!


Thank you for tagging me along, Corina, Mikee and Kuya Allan!


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