Somewhere Beautiful: My Boracay Photo Diary

Unlike most of you, this is my first visit to Boracay. As a budget traveler, I always consider airfare as the determinant factor in whether I’d go to a place or not. Round trip tickets to Caticlan can cost as much as fares going to any Asian country. Luckily, Cebu Pacific had its Piso Fare promo last year, me and my friends got our tickets for only Php 1,100. *happy dance*


We stayed in Boracay for two (2) and 1/2 days, enough for me to spend a few thousands to experience what the Philippines’ beautiful beach has to offer. Upon landing at the Caticlan Airport, don’t be surprised to pay Php 75 for the environmental fee, Php 100 for the terminal fee at the Caticlan Jetty Port, Php 50 (3 pax) for the tricycle going to the Jetty Port and Php 25/pax for the 7-min boat ride going to the island. Whew. That’s already more or less Php 250. And you’re not even in the island yet. Upon reaching Cagban Port, we chartered a tricycle that took us to Station 2. Again, another Php 100.


We settled at Madid’s Inn in Station 2. Our room cost Php 3,000 per night for all six of us. Php 500/pax/night is not bad considering we’re in Boracay. We had our breakfast at 928 Cafe and Grill and after which, we booked ourselves a tour guide to take us island hopping and to make us experience riding the ATV, zipline and zorb. Our initial package also included fly fish, helmet diving and jetski, but since we weren’t satisfied with the services of our first tour guide, we agreed to get another tour guide the next day. It was a bit expensive for our part but we wouldn’t want to be joined by a tour guide who’s so lazy to take pictures. Anyway.

315 12 IMG_4779 14 5 7 6

Later that night we had dinner at Pamana along the beach. It was JC’s birthday so we had to go out and not eat cup noodles. We had bagnet, close enough to the liempo I’ve been craving for, and bulalo. Yumz!


Our second day was dedicated to water activities – fly fish, jet ski and helmet diving. Fly fish was definitely an experience. It felt like I did three rounds of circuit and 30 reps of kettle bell snatches. It was one of the best and slowest 15 minutes of my life. Haha. In the afternoon we went helmet diving. I almost didn’t get to go down because I was panicking. Two seconds into the water and I’m already signalling not okay to the diver. Haha. *panic*

8 IMG_4926 16 IMG_5008


After our water activities, we decided to go to Puka Beach by riding the tricycle since we didn’t get to when we went island hopping. Nothing special in Puka Beach, just the strong waves and the experience of just being there. We returned an hour after — to the Boracay Police Station — and back to Station 2 to freshen up and treat ourselves to nice dinner after a tiring and *stressful* day.

10 IMG_5036 9

Boracay really is one of the Philippines’ best beaches but I might not go back in the near future. I’ll reserve my next visit to the time when I’m rich enough to just splurge. The budget traveler in me cringes because of expenses way beyond my budget but this trip was fun nonetheless. It’s one for the books. Totally! And oh, if you ever want to get a tour guide when you visit Boracay, get Kuya Jun! Here’s his number: 0926-4738017/ 0910-8618437 He’s very kind and super accommodating. He’d gladly take all your pictures. 🙂


Thank you Mica, Corina, Michael, Ryan and JC!

Until next time.


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