Never Date A Girl Who Writes And Break Her Heart (She Will Only Write About You)

This is beautiful.

Thought Catalog

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Never date a girl who writes and break her heart.

Because instead of lying in her bed with broken glass all over the floor and pillows soaked with tears, she will only write about you. She will only recall all your memories; the first time you met, your first date, your first kiss, the day she introduced you to her parents and even the day you broke up with her. She will write these things down in the worst and best way possible. The worst way –- to make her regret she met you and the best way – to make her smile and be thankful she did.

Open her journal and you will find yourself there among the wet pages and blotted inks, waiting to be released and freed. She wrote it not only to release the feelings she is keeping but also because she wants you to read…

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