You Should Quit Your Soul-Sucking Miserable Job

We spend a majority of our time working, and we shouldn’t be miserable doing so.

Thought Catalog

I’ve been working soul-sucking, dead-end jobs since I started working at a movie theatre when I was 15. While I’ve had jobs I’ve thoroughly enjoyed (or at least made the most out of), more often than not I dreaded working at many of them. Fortunately, and sometimes to my disadvantage, I have a strong work ethic that made me stick with places and work hard, even when I hated them. This helped immensely when seeking a new position.

It’s hard to leave a job when you so obviously need the money. It is not hard to look for a job and get a new one, if you really try. I’ve always had a saying: “If you can change something, you’re not allowed to complain about it.” If you find yourself complaining about work constantly, then quit. Or find a new job and then quit. 

I just quit a job in…

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