Oslob Adventure

After an excruciating 6-hour bus ride from Bacolod City, we were finally in Sibulan, our drop off point for our full day adventure in Oslob, Cebu. We went straight to the Sibulan Port and bought us tickets which cost Php 62 for a 20-minute fast craft ride to Lilo-an Port in Oslob. From Lilo-an, we took a tricyle to Barangay Tan-awan, where we will start our day.

Oslob is a sleepy town found in southern Cebu. It is approximately three (3) hours away from Cebu City by bus and is nearest to Dumaguete by ferry. Oslob is my typical definition of ‘province’, quiet and not crowded, just the perfect place to take a vacation.


We dropped our bags off at BCD place and had our breakfast. After which, we were already getting ready for our whale shark encounter. Before we were sent to sea, we had a brief orientation from the locals about the whale sharks, including some dos and don’ts. The whale shark is the largest known fish species. My friends told me that adult whale sharks can reach up to the size of two (2) buses. Those found in Oslob are baby whale sharks, but they still look really big to me. According to blogs, whale shark watching in Oslob started in 2011, and became popular all over the world in the same year when it came out of the news, thus international and local tourists continue to flock this little town in Cebu.

From the shore, it will only take a couple of minutes before you get to see the whale sharks. I was never a swimmer that’s why I’m afraid to go down the water, but knowing I have my trusty life vest with me, I plunged in. Local fishermen feed the whale sharks with shrimp, although you won’t really notice that they’re actually eating. I asked the boatman if all whale sharks do is eat, and he eagerly answered yes. I laughed at the thought of that. Whale sharks literally eat and run, oh wait, swim to wherever they want to go after. How cool.

111656042_10152640511649698_426143001_n (1)

We had 30 minutes to interact with the whale sharks and although it was scary, it was a new experience for me. The whale sharks were literally just below and even beside us! Our Php 500 was well spent.

After our whale shark encounter, we hired a habal-habal to take us to the Tumalog Falls. I’ve only ridden a motorcycle once and I never repeated it, but we had to take one again to the falls. What makes it scary is that the road going to the falls was uphill, but there are wonderful views on the right so no worries. We paid Php 20 at the entrance and went straight to the falls. Going there was a steep downhill walk and after ten (10) minutes, you will be rewarded with this.


How beautiful. I didn’t get to experience the falls though, because I was already feeling under the weather. I just enjoyed taking pictures of my friends having fun.

We went on an Oslob Heritage Tour afterwards and our friendly tricycle driver took us to the Cuartel, Church of the Immaculate Concepcion and the Baluarte. I wonder if Manila bay will ever look like this. So pretty. Hello, I wish you were here.

16 17

In the afternoon, we hired a pump boat to take us to Sumilon Island. It took us 20 minutes from the coast. We just swam and exfoliated ourselves with fine sand. Perfect afternoon for a not-so-perfect vacation. The only thing I hated about Sumilon Island is that it’s not barefoot friendly. So many rocks! But it was beautiful nonetheless. Nothing beats swimming in crystal clear blue water.


To cap off the day, we had sardines and lucky me for dinner. It’s the most unusual of dinners but it’s the most delicious one. Haha. Who doesn’t love lucky me?

We ended the night early to catch the first ferry out of Oslob and to catch the 5:30 AM bus going back to Bacolod. I hate parts when it’s time to leave. Can I just be on vacation forever?


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