A Romantic Night In Bacolod City

The only place we intended to visit in Bacolod City was the Ruins in Talisay City. I have seen a lot of photos from travel blogs about it, but I couldn’t appreciate it yet, not until I was actually there. When I finally got a glimpse of it, I was beyond awe. It was so beautiful, especially that we went at night, on a full moon. It was so dreamy and romantic.


The ancestral house of sugar baron Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson was built in the 1900s for his Portuguese wife Maria Braga. The mansion was burned by the United States Armed Forces in the Far East during World War II to prevent the Japanese Forces from using the mansion as their headquarters. The fire lasted for three (3) days and what was left of the mansion was later on called the Ruins.

Upon reaching Bredco Port from Iloilo, Manong Itik picked us up and brought us to the Ruins in Talisay City, in between Bacolod City and Silay. The entrance fee costs Php 80 for adults, but we were able to use the student discount since my friend had his DLSU ID with him. *happy dance*

We went around and took a lot of pictures. The beautiful “Ruins” was even made beautiful because of the lighting, plus the moon. Somehow, I wished someone would take me here one day and be mushy and all. I kinda see a movie scene in my head.


After visiting the Ruins, we asked Manong Itik to take us to Manokan Country so we could eat the best tasting chicken inasal. As with the coffee at Madge Café, chicken inasal in Bacolod is love at first bite. You eat it with bare hands, put chicken oil on your rice and voila, nom nom nom. We definitely vowed to go back to Manokan Country before our flight back to Manila. We couldn’t stop talking about it. *chicken inasal*

We made our way back to the hotel after dinner to prepare for a long bus trip to Sibulan, our drop off point going to Oslob. We were already at the South Bus Terminal at 10:30 PM, but the bus didn’t arrive until around 12:20, which bummed us out because we thought we were gonna be late. We even almost didn’t get a seat because everyone was just rushing inside, but good thing we were still lucky.

Next stop, Oslob!


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