Best Weekend Ever in Hong Kong

I read in the news that there’s already a human case of bird flu in Hong Kong! It’s a great thing we already went before the breakout. *sigh of relief* Anyway, this isn’t about bird flu, this is about an amazing trip!


The trip was four months in the making. From the day that we actually decided to book this trip, until we finally have tickets and accommodations, until we drafted itineraries, until we had dinners and planning sessions, and until we were at the airport. This trip was special, in any way you can put it. We went to a familiar place, but we made new and lasting memories. Thank you for an amazing trip Ria, Debs, Diane, Kent, Harrel, Cali and Mark. Maybe no words can ever describe how happy I am that we got to go on this trip together. But really, it was a great weekend! I really wish we can do this over and over again, until we are older. #cheesy


We went to Hong Kong three weeks ago. I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts how I love and how I am in love with Hong Kong so going back again, for the second time this year, was a real delight. We spent three days exploring the Ngong Ping Village and climbing the Tian Tan Buddha in Lantau Island, walking along Canton Road and running to Harbour City to catch the Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbour (which we missed by the way), acting like kids again for the whole day at Hong Kong Disneyland and shopping in the famous districts of MongKok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Central and Causeway Bay.


It was all our first time to ride the Crystal Cabin Cable Car going to the Ngong Ping Village. All of us were excited (and scared)! Look at us taking pictures of the body of water that’s just below us. The ride from the Ngong Ping 360 Terminal in Tung Chung up to Lantau Island took around 25 minutes. Ground temperature that day was 19 degrees, so imagine how cold it was when we were actually on top. From the cable car, you get to see the ginormous Hong Kong International Airport and the greens of Lantau Island. A new side of Hong Kong I must say, far away from the busy streets in the city filled with buses, trams and a lot of people.

IMG_3558 IMG_3561 IMG_3564

Here’s my favorite photo of Kent and Mark who were both scared. Look at Harrel too! Awwww.


We walked around the Ngong Ping Village before challenging ourselves to go up the Tian Tan Buddha Statue or informally known as the Big Buddha. It was 268 steps going up! It was so tiring. I wanted to give up halfway. But no way if I get to be rewarded with this.

IMG_3625According to  Discover Hong Kong, “the eyes, lips, incline of the head and right hand, which is raised to deliver a blessing to all, combine to bring a humbling depth of character and dignity to the massive Buddha, which took 12 years to complete.”


We went down and made our way to the Po Lin Monastery where we lit incense and prayed. Diane taught us how to do it “Chinese” or “Buddhist” style, lighting 3 incense each time and putting it in hot pots (not the hot pot you think hehe).


We made our way to Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon Island afterwards. We wanted to visit H&M and eat good food before going to the harbour to watch the Symphony of Lights. Unfortunately, not a lot of good finds at H&M because it’s almost winter season in HK so knits are the in thing. It’ll be a great thing if we could use knits here in the Philippines though. It’s so fashionable!

We met our good friend Joe afterwards and went together to the harbour. Unfortunately, even if we ran the stretch of Harbour City, we didn’t make it to the Symphony of Lights show. But hey, we got to see this! (And we got to ride the star ferry going back to HK Island)

4 IMG_3661 6

On our second day, although still tired and lacking sleep, we went out early to go to everyone’s favourite place, Hong Kong Disneyland! We were just in time before the opening so not a lot of people to obstruct our views. Our stay at HK Disney was so “sulit” because we were there until closing time, after the fireworks display at Sleeping Beauty’s castle. We tried all the rides except the parachute drop ride in Toy Story Land that got stuck on top. The most exhilarating was the RC Racer, also in Toy Story Land. I.Can’t.Even. But my favorite was the Grizzly Gulch! We lined up two times and we even got a selfie. Brave! We also watched all the shows, but we missed the Golden Mickeys 😦 We got to watch the Festival of the Lion King and the Flights of Fantasy Parade though, so I guess that makes up for the missed show. Plus we got to save on food because we bought the 3 in 1 meal coupon. I love Fuze iced tea! If I can I’d take home boxes of it. Sulit!

IMG_3681 7 IMG_3826 8

And who would miss this?


We went to Mong Kok afterwards to do last minute shopping for Debs and Mark. I ate street food again. I love sausage wrapped in bacon. It’s 15HKD but it’s worth it. I miss. We got back to our guesthouse in Tin Hau at 11:30 pm. We were literally just dragging ourselves just so we could walk. Or maybe that’s just me. Ate Del, Ate Lala and Ate Donna were outside the MTR when we got back. Thank you for the yummy chocolates! Ubos na ubos na.


We dedicated our last day to do last minute shopping. It was “no rush” day since our flight will still be at 9:55 pm. Ate Del bought me noodles and milk tea in the morning and gave me a lot of food to eat. Of course, I wouldn’t leave without a picture with my favorite Ate! Thank you so much for bringing food for us and for my wallet. 😀 I love you!


We first went to TST to eat lunch then to Central to visit H&M. To our dismay, the biggest branch of H&M in HK is closed. The look on our faces = -_- We couldn’t understand why it closed or why it was under renovation the day we went so we settled for Cotton On and went to Causeway Bay. We were happy just the same.


We left Tin Hau at 6:30 PM and got to the airport around 8:00 PM. Always a sad sad thing when leaving. 😦 We ate at Popeye’s before going down to the boarding gates. It was already 9:20 but I was still buying myself a MAC lipstick. When I got to the bus that’ll bring us to the boarding gates, it was the final call! We almost missed our flight. We were literally running. It was all part of the fun I guess. I dozed off as soon as I sat on the plane seat. What a trip! Should we go back again? (YES, DEFINITELY!)


2 thoughts on “Best Weekend Ever in Hong Kong

  1. Hi! Nice blog. May I ask the name and address of the Guesthouse in Tin Hau you guys stayed at? We are planning to go to HK in Sept this year and we are looking for inexpensive accommodations. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi! We stayed at Golden Court Guest House, 11/F Golden Court, Electric Road, Tin Hau. From the airport, take bus E11 and the alight at the last bus stop. You can see Golden Court once you go out of the bus stop. The place is very convenient since the MTR and bus station is just outside the building. Very near Causeway Bay and too. 🙂

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