Davao City: A Photo Diary

Davao City is one of the key cities here in the Philippines. It’s Mindanao‘s center of commerce, trade and services (Source: Davao Tourism). I found myself here for the past three days because of work. While doing touristy things wasn’t on the list, I got a few extra time to squeeze in a a little bit of it. It’s already my third visit to Davao City — twice for this year. Next to the provinces in the Visayas Region, Davao is one of the places visited frequently for work. It’s known for the famous Mt. Apo and the stinky but delicious (they say) durian. It’s like Manila in some ways, but I’d like to think there’s a certain charm to this city in Mindanao that makes it really distinct, and somehow special.


We stayed at the Royal Mandaya Hotel at the stretch of J. Palma Gil Street. It’s conveniently located at the center of the city – within walking distance to the Aldevinco Shopping Center and some famous restaurants and barbeque, I guess. A 10-minute walk from the hotel will take you to the Davao City Hall and a jeepney ride will take you to the Magsaysay Street where you can buy not only the famous durian, but other fruits like the mangosteen and marang.

IMG_3374IMG_3378 IMG_3376

We got to eat at a few special places in the city too. When we arrived, we ate at Taps along J. Palma Hill. It wasn’t as special because I still think Rodic’s here in Manila serves one of the best silogs, but it was good enough. We tried Chippens one night, a buffet restaurant located at Roxas Street that serves good food and really delicious dessert. I loved the chocolate moist cake and the blueberry cheesecake. Pure awesome. The other night we tried Backyard Burgers located at the Quimpo Boulevard. From the blogs I read, BB serves one of the best burgers in Davao City. It’s best though to take the taxi going there, as the jeep may take a while. We did the latter going there. We walked from SM Davao to the stretch of Quimpo Boulevard just to find this burger joint. You have to be really hungry before you come there though as the burgers are big enough to fill two hungry tummies. We went on a Tuesday night so we got to try the promo – best selling burger + free fries and drink. Awesome? Yes.

IMG_3387 IMG_3393IMG_3403

We wouldn’t leave Davao without buying pasalubongs. We did this today and went to the Bangkerohan Market and the Aldevinco Shopping Center, both within the city. We bought the famous durian plus a few finds at the Ulama stall in Aldevinco.

IMG_3411 IMG_3414

We went home feeling a bit tired but it was worth it. This trip was amazing — and special. When do I get to come back? Soon. Yes.


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