I Love When It Rains

I just stood in the rain. And I was happy.

Thought Catalog

I stood in the rain today.

I’m not really sure why. I mean, I was dressed in all of my fancy clothes for work, I had papers in my hand, and my hair was all did how I wanted it to be did.

I was walking back to my car from a meeting and it started raining heavily. People around me pulled out umbrellas, and those who didn’t have one started to rush to their cars. One guy on his phone ran under a tree to seek shelter from the weather.

As it started to rain harder, and as people began to walk quicker to their destinations, I started to slow down. The guy under the tree gave me an odd look as I veered off the sidewalk and onto the street. By the time I reached my car, my hair that was all did was drenched, my shirt was…

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