Wandering in Asia’s Las Vegas

One of the highlights of my summer was visiting Macau. I never really tried crossing to Macau during my previous visits to Hong Kong because I was kind of afraid of ferries. You know, how they always sink despite all safety measures? But this year, we and not I, decided to just go! It’s a 45-minute ferry ride from the Sheung Wan Ferry Terminal anyway. And it’s a great chance for me to finally get to see Asia’s Las Vegas! (All the glitz, yes.)


After getting ready, we went straight to the MTR to ride the blue line going to Sheung Wan where the Ferry Terminal is located. When we got to the ferry terminal, It was a nightmare. Because we were late, we were already rushing to the ferry already leaving at 9:45 am. Can you imagine stampede? And not to mention the waves were so strong the minute I stepped inside the ferry I wanted to vomit. I slept the whole ride to Macau just so I wouldn’t feel bad the whole day. My cousin vomited though, and my Mom, HAHA she was not feeling well the entire time. Major sea sickness! When we got off the ferry, everyone was feeling dizzy. What an experience!

Fotor0803134910 IMG_2504

It was 18 degrees in Macau that day, and I kind of regret wearing my summer dress because it was so cold. After exiting the Macau Ferry Terminal, we went straight to the Bus Terminal where the shuttles of the famous casinos await. It’s free! One great thing about Macau is that you get to roam around for free because of the shuttles. What an innovation!


Our first stop is the Galaxy Hotel and Casino. It was so grand! I want to cry. It was just so grand. At 11am, they have this show at the lobby where a giant diamond comes out of nowhere. I tell you, I felt like a kid seeing candy for the first time! I also tried to play in the casino for the first time at the Galaxy Hotel. Too funny that the guard (is that what you call it?) asked for my passport before I entered. He probably thinks I’m still 16. Great job! We stuffed our bellies with amazing food at the food court afterwards. It was a treat! I also got to wish at the Wishing Crystals at the Galaxy Hotel. They work wonders, I tell you. They do. We went to the Venetian afterwards, famous for the scene in Boys over Flowers (okay, si  Geum Jan Di yun) and for their shoppes at the Grand Canal!


We really don’t have an exact itinerary in Macau (because I left the itinerary I made at the hotel), so after the Venetian, I asked around how to go to the Senado Square. We were in the Grand Lisboa then, and I approached one of the guards at the entrance of the casino. I was using my best English to ask how do we walk from the Grand Lisboa to the Senado Square, then he replied, “Pilipino ka no?”. HAHA! It’s a great thing that we Filipinos are easily recognized by our fellow Filipinos. We are united by blood! Yes. We walked four blocks from the Grand Lisboa before we reached the Largo de Senado. It was our last stop and It was buzzing with people. Our main goal was to reach the Ruins of St. Paul, a Portuguese Cathedral dedicated to St. Paul the Apostle. It’s one of Macau’s famous landmarks, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.

IMG_2592Fotor0803141531IMG_2593 IMG_2601

Because I was so tired, when we got to the ruins, I was just sitting and eating fish balls while the others had a feast tasting all the beef jerky. We hurriedly went back to the Grand Lisboa to catch the shuttle to the Macau Ferry Terminal. Again, we almost didn’t make it! It was time for us to go back to Hong Kong. We had such a great time in Macau that my Mom and Ninang would say that they’ll definitely go back (minus the sea sickness). Of course, I’ll join them.


Until next time.



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