Taking My Travel Experience to a New Level

I have always dreamed of travelling solo ever since I got to read stories from different travel blogs. They always say that you can’t miss travelling solo while you are still young and that this form of travel gives you time to discover things on your own — be it the place itself, or just about yourself. I was intrigued and imagined how it would feel to go alone — on airport security, public transportation and tourist spots in countries where you are a stranger. I’ve been imagining myself going to the Angkor Wat in Cambodia and exclaiming thoughts of amazement on my own, to Seoul in Korea where I can channel my inner k-pop geekiness which was lost one way or another, or to Bangkok in Thailand, just eating all pad thai I can devour.

Blog 1

I’m not a seasoned traveler. I found a favorite place to go and return to — Hong Kong — that’s why I haven’t been to a lot. I’m not the adventurous type and at times, I look like an idiot not knowing what to do with this and how to go on that. I’m afraid and very nervous, but to dream about traveling alone is to do it so I made a decision. I’m going to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. I think when it’s your first time, you have to go to countries where safety is manageable and since I am a girl, where I can go unnoticed.

Blog 2

When I told some of my friends about going alone, they must have thought I was crazy and maybe bold or a little brave because I was the reserved type, never the adventurous one. I think that’s the usual reaction you get when you tell everyone about it. What’s the fun in going alone anyway? No one to take pictures of you in places you see for the first time, no one to share the experience with and no one to rely on during times you are unsure. But hey, I think that this decision to go alone was a way for me to push myself to be a little more independent, to have the drive to explore more and to have the courage to talk to strangers. In the end, I can only imagine myself gaining so much from this and I think that’s a good thing. At 22, there’s so much I still have to learn and discover. I’m young now and will be a day older tomorrow, so what’s the point of being afraid and not taking risks? You only live once anyway.


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