Throwback: Guimaras

I’ve written about how I love Iloilo City but now, I’m going to tell you about how I love Guimaras just the same.Β I love Guimaras along with the memories that came with it. I’ve been living my life looking back at memories because it’s what makes me happy. Memories don’t change. That’s what makes a place really special. I’d like to repeat that I love Guimaras along with the memories that came with it. Can someone please take me back?

We went to this very beautiful island before flying back to Manila last November 2012 – the same week we were in Iloilo City. It was our last stop before we went back to reality that is work. You’ll be reminded that life is beautiful when you get to see this, right?


Guimaras Island is located at the Panay Gulf, in between the islands of Panay and Negros. It’s a 15-minute pump boat ride from the Ortiz Landing in Iloilo City. I went with my office mates along with Sir Onyok on a sunny Saturday morning. The Lord blessed us with very good weather.


From the wharf in Jordan, Guimaras, we went straight to the provincial capitol of Guimaras to visit Governor Felipe Nava – who was very kind enough to lend us a speed boat for island hopping. Thank you, Sir!


Thanks to the kindness of Gov. Nava and most especially Sir Onyok, we got to tour Guimaras for free. We were very lucky since they went out of their way for us to enjoy our half-day tour of the island. I can’t forget how they served us all the yummy seafood and of course, lots and lots of the famous Guimaras mangoes.

From Jordan, we traveled for around 20 minutes to Nueva Valencia. This is where our island hopping tour began. I can’t stress enough how beautiful this place is, how everything I saw was so perfect.


Of course the islands we went to have names but being the forgetful person that I am, I can’t remember them (or did I even bother remembering?). This place is so beautiful, guys. How do I even put all the right adjectives together?


Half-day was not enough to get all of these scenes into my system. I still have a hangover — until now. I want to go back and reminisce. (HEHE) After island hopping, we went back to Nueva Valencia to have lunch before finally going back to Iloilo City to catch our flight. Was not able to take pictures of all the food since we attacked it as soon as it arrived.


Until we meet again, Guimaras. You will always be one of my favorite places in the Visayas side of the Philippines.

I can’t wait to visit you again. Until then, I can only look at you in pictures.



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