Hong Kong through my Instagram

It’s been a very busy two weeks after I got back from Hong Kong that is why I didn’t have the time to update. But hey, I’ll try to make as much posts for this trip because as always, trips to Hong Kong give me so much memories I just could not summarize in one article. It was a blast! We went during the Labor Day weekend, from May 1 – 5, 2013, and spent most of our time eating, shopping and taking pictures. We were lucky it wasn’t raining on the days we went because HK had crazy weather the week before. I’d like to share some of my Instagram photos for the mean time. As I said, I’ll try to make separate posts for the awesome days we were there. Here are a few highlights:

1. This was at the waiting station for Bus E11 outside the Hong Kong International Airport. I’m obviously very happy to be back!


2. We went to Sham Shui Po in Kowloon right after we checked in at our hotel in Wan Chai. I can’t even describe how delicious the street food in HK is! It’s cheap too! 10HKD for that fish siomai and hakaw and 11HKD for the gai daan tsai. So much love!


3. It’s my third time in Hong Kong and now’s the only time I got to eat those yummy egg waffles! I was in heaven!


4. And here’s some of the food we ate just before we went to Sham Shui Po (HK coffee, yang chow friend rice and beef brisket). This was at the Hay Hay Kitchenette in Lockhart Road. Food was a bit expensive for budget travelers like us but it was so Chinese! It’s still a winner.


5. And this was our dinner. My cousin cooked us this yummy yang chow friend rice. It could pass as fried rice you can buy at a restaurant. Yummy!


6. Corina, Rica and I went to HK Disneyland the day after! All the magic and childhood memories just came back to life. I loved the Flights of Fantasy Parade in the afternoon. I was singing the song for days!


7. This was at the train station inside HK Disneyland. It was 19 degrees on the day we went. That’s cold enough for me! Temperature here in the Philippines reaches 36 degrees!


8. And we couldn’t get enough of HK street food! We went straight to Mong Kok after our HK Disneyland adventure! It was a street food heaven! Probably one of the best dining experiences in HK!


9. HK has one of the best modes of transportation, the MTR! I love the MTR! It’s so convenient and really fast. It can take you anywhere in HK within minutes!


10. We went on a side trip to Macau this time. We checked out the famous casinos – the Galaxy Macau and the Venetian. Talk about grand! I can’t wait to make a separate post on this.


11. Here I am trying my best to smile in the 18 degree weather, in my summer dress, just outside the Macau Ferry Terminal.


12. A sample of all the food we ate at the Galaxy Macau. Food heaven!


13. And here I am, posing at the Sky Terrace during our last day in HK! I can’t thank the Lord enough for this trip. Look at that view! Thank you for blessing me financially for this, Lord. I love Hong Kong!


Until next time.



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