Throwback: Iloilo

I’ve always told everyone how I loved last year’s visit to Iloilo City and how I rave about going back soon, really soon and very soon. It’s weird though, how I always think about it because I can’t figure out why I really love the place.  Maybe because it was my last travel for work last year? Or maybe because it was just fun, as it is. I’m blessed to have been given the opportunity to travel here (thank you, NAPC). And for the nth time, I can’t wait to go back.


Here are 5 of the countless highlights of the trip: (most of the photos are not mine, others are from my phone)

1. Travelling to the Miag-ao Church

The Chuch of Sto. Tomas Villanueva is located in the municipality of Miag-ao, approximately (in our case) an hour away from Iloilo City. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. Can I just stress how hot it was when we went there? And how extremely sticky and eeeky we were after? But it was worth it!

2. Working at the Amigo Terrace Hotel, Iloilo City

We stayed for a week in Iloilo City and spent most of our time at the Amigo Terrace Hotel. I’ve tweeted before how I loved this hotel. It was the best hotel I’ve stayed at in all of our work trips. Also, they have the best lounge – cheese rolls and cookies and tea and all.

_MG_7107 IMG_0741_MG_7050

3. Sitti

During our last day, it was fortunate that Sitti was performing at the hotel! Can’t believe I got to see her – in Iloilo! Watching her was so much fun and of course, singing to her songs was another case. Not to mention, it was also Sir Noli’s birthday during that day. Pizza!

_MG_7350_MG_7337 _MG_7333

4. Free dinner at Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafood Villa

Food here was amazing! Not only because we ate there for free (thanks Sir Onyok!) but because food was really amazing – most especially the chicken and seafood. I suffered intense allergies after though. But still, worth it!


5. Food Trips

After every work day, I was very eager to eat out – at least just to try eating out in Iloilo City. I got to taste the famous batchoy at Ted’s (which was near the hotel), carbonara and oreo cheesecake in Coffee Break and uhhh, wintermelon tea at Moonleaf Iloilo, among others.

IMG_0708 IMG_0709

I’ve only listed five, but as some of you may know, I have a lot. So much memories from such a beautiful place. I really hope I can go back soon (haha, there it goes). This time, not for work but for leisure! I was thinking maybe I could do it alone? Well, let’s see!

Until next time.



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